Welcome to Glowbe,
This is your introduction guide:

Firstly please make sure you read the rules: Glowbe rules

1.Feed Page
If this is the first time on the platform you are probably on the feed page.
1.1 If you look on the right side you will see a wonderful sidebar with your username, level, reputation and a link to your settings page where you can edit your profile, add profile picture, edit your notification settings or reset your credentials.
1.2 Next you can see your doge balance that you can use on the platform to like/dislike, create or join groups, refer people and do other cool stuff.
1.3 You get an invitation key that can be used to refer people on the platform. Every time the key is used a new one will be generated. Referring people will cost you coins.
2.1 Next you can see the clubs in which you are a member and the ones you own. Clubs are a big part of the platform - make sure you join the ones you are interested in and connect with new people.
3.1 Below you can see popular #hashtags if available and friends suggestions.

2.Profile page
To get there you can click on your username.
You can customize your profile page with bio, social links, profile picture, quotes and other cool stuff.

If you create HQ content you can use the platform to earn doges. When people like your posts you will get 0.009 doge and you can also set fees or buy-ins for your clubs.

If you have any questions you can message me @admin

Once you are done reading this post you can delete it by clicking the arrow on the top right of the post and then click delete.

Thanks and welcome.
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