Glowbe airdrop and bounty for people interested in getting some free tokens
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I will be your friend for one doge
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Meme contest:
Post original memes. Every week best meme wins an awesome award and 2,000 dogecoins on the platform or on your address.
Rules: The meme has to be crypto related
The meme has to be yours. Original.
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"Wait until institutional money comes in"

"We're still early adopters"

"1000$ EOY"

"muh partnerships"

"xxx is the new Antshares"

"xxx is the Ethereum killer"

"It wasn't Satoshi's vision"

"Bitcoin is the best, the rest is a scam"

"I'm down 99% but it doesn't matter because I'm for the long term"

"I cannot trade hence shorters are idiots"

"Blockchain 5.0"

"BCH/TRX/Verge/EOS is a scam"

"Such an undervalued coin"

"Am I gonna make it?"

"Here's my chart analysis"

"The market needs to mature"

"It's a game changer"

"The crash was caused by international beer festival"

"Wallstreet bonuses are coming, fasten your seatbelts!"

"Some millionaire said something about Bitcoin, bull run incoming"

"This bear market won't last long, here's why"

"My aunt talked about Bitcoin, bull run incoming"

"This is good for crypto and here's why"

(shitcoin crashed by 99%)"I love those cheap coins"

"The team keeps delivering"

(shitcoin crashed by 99%)"I'm out of fiat, I'd buy more"

"To the moon!"

""The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient""

(shitcoin crashed by 99%) "good that the coin crashed, it will shake out the weak hands"

(shitcoin crashed by 99%)"gotta buy more of the cheap coins"

(shitcoin crashed by 99%)"it's not about the short term price, the fundamentals are solid, great team and active github"

"2018's sleeping giant"

"Suicide hotline"

"Shhh I'm accumulating"

"The world is not anymore the way it used to be!! Mmh mmh nonono!"

"Bullrun starts after Chinese New Year!"

"Wait till Asia wakes up!"

"Buy the dip"

“cryptos are going to replace money”

"Our network is under attack, look at these transaction spamms which are clearly done by evil EOS/BCH/Any dapp using network"

"OMG Nano is so undervalued, bitcoin can only do 7tps while Nano can do 1 bazillion (sooooon)"Same Guy: "Guyz stop stress testing the Nano network, its breaking all the nodes"

"Just wait for Binance and it will moon"

"its not mooning because of coordinated FUD"

"The price is not moving because of whales sell walls so they can accumulate"

“Relax this dip happens at the same time every year”

“The time to buy is when there's blood in the streets"

"Just wait for wallets"

"We trust in the devs"
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Well today antminerspd released the new version 1.3.1, i updated now and the results are just sick!!
Im gettings 27-31k Sol/s on my Z9 mini and almost 85k on my Z9.

Is there anyone else who updated? if so share your results
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If you need help understanding bitcoin or how cryptocurrencies and blockchain works you can post a message on your feed with the hashtag #help_me_understand_crypto and me or some other person will message you and explain it as best as we can.
Completely free.
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We're now verified on the Brave browser so you can tip us or you can use the auto rewarding system to support the platform.
If you're not using Brave and want to take a look at it here's a registration link
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aeolian: Been using Brave on and off for a few years now, definitely one of my top browsers.
You now have the option to enable ads on the platform if you want to help us.
The option will be disabled by default and if you want to be ad-free you will continue to be so.
This is and will remain optional.
For those who enable ads - a big thanks
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An early version of the marketplace was added to the platform.
For now there's no notifications, but I'm working on it.
Also I'm working on implementing some form of contracts.
Link here:
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