On February 15 2019 we launched a bounty campaign and with the rewards on the platform we will reward users a total of 70 of the 100 total Million Glowbe tokens.

Link to the bounty campaign here:

On The platform you will be rewarded for posting threads, replies and referring people.

First 50,000 referred active users will reward you 1,500 tokens each.

For posting threads and replies we will reward the first 300,000 posts and 300,000 replies. Depending on the time the content was posted, you will get rewarded a certain amount of tokens so that way the first existing post will get 100 tokens and the 300,000th post will get 0.001

The tokens will be used to fuel the platform: liking and disliking costs tokens, you can chose to support other members, you can create or join groups/clubs, posting in the marketplace will cost a Token fee, intiating marketplace contracts will be paid with tokens, buying awards and a lot of other new features - all will be fueled by the custom Glowbe token.

We will also enable withdrawals to waves addresses soon so you can move your Token on the blockchain and even trade it.

The goal of the bounty and the airdrop is to promote the platform and to reward the first active users on the platform.