A great video for absolute beginners to better understand how and what is Bitcoin.
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angel: good article
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If you're new and looking for a wallet here's a good source for you:
Start with a web wallet because it's the easiest to use and make your way up the list with a hardware device to be safe.
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The Problem with Blockchain
The blockchain space has seen its fair share of issues in 2018. This technology enabled anyone, anywhere to create their own market programmatically. The result was incredible innovation, many high profile scams, and a lot of hard lessons on what doesn't work. I authored a book on this space because I believed in the potential for this technology and still do. I'm going to share my vision for 2019 using the lessons learned from 2018, then demonstrate some businesses who've provided real value to people using this technology. Enjoy!
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A good video for newbies crypto investors
Bitcoin and altcoin investors tend to measure their cryptocurrency gains in US dollar terms. While this is fine to do with Bitcoin, your altcoin investments should always be measured against Bitcoin to determine whether or not you generated value for yourself.

If you aren't keeping track of how your performance would have been had you just bought Bitcoin rather than your current investments, you are measuring your performance incorrectly and may be destroying more value than you know despite the fact your portfolio has doubled in US dollar terms!
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Good YouTube video that clears some questions for the crypto beginners.
#understanding_crypto #faq
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Understanding Cryptocurrencies. Part 1

Before investing or even using cryptocurrencies as a currency or a store of value or to even consider investing, it is essential that you understand the basics and the process behind it.

Below I will try to explain it as simple as I can..
You're sitting on a bench with a friend of yours. Imagine you have a gold coin and you give it to him as a gift for his birthday.
You've handed him the coin. Now he has one golden coin, you have 0 coins. He can go and try to sell the coin and buy some weed because he's a degenerate addict but you'll still have 0 coins so you don't really care what he does with it anyway. You just go on with your life and he does the same.

Now let's do the same thing but this time let's assume the golden coin is digital. Let's say you have a picture of a golden coin on your pc - and you send it to him.
Now he tries to sell the picture for weed but no crack addict will exchange the weed for his image of a golden coin.
Why? Because I could have sent my image with the golden coin to all of my other friends. Theoretically I could send an infinite amount of images of my golden coins.
What makes any phisical asset valuable is the fact that it's finite. Gold has value because it's limited. You can't copy and paste phisical gold. Your picture of a golden coin is not limited and it's useless.
In order for pictures of golden coins to be valuable people need to be sure that you can only send your picture to one person and once you've sent it you can't get it back.
That's what ledgers do - they keep track of all transfers.
Online banking systems do the exact same thing - if you send your picture to your homie, the banking system will add a row in their database that basically states that one picture went from your account to his account and you can't send the picture to someone else because you don't have it anymore.

Now let's talk about Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
Bitcoin was created so that you can send your pictures of golden coins to your friend without the need of a banking system or any middleman and be sure that you can't make copies of the picture or take it back once it's sent.
So now your homie can go and sell his picture and get some weed to celebrate because your picture of a golden coin is valuable, it's limited! It's not replicable, it's unbreakable.
Now of course some people will think that your picture is not worth the price you ask so the price will fluctuate depending on how much weed people are willing to give in exchange. BUT it will have value and it will be able to be used as a currency.

Now you might think this is awesome and magic!
Don't be silly, magic is not real. Santa's not either. Technically, as a matter of fact Santa used to be real until last year but his trusted raindeer Rudolph comitted apostasy and stopped believing in him - so without a way to deliver presents and a purpose Santa disapperead into a void and no one knows what happenned next.
But bitcoin isn't magic and it can't disappera into voids. Bitcoin is very real and it exists on a technology called blockchain.
A blockchain is basically the ledger that keeps track of all the transfers from one address to another. It basically does exactly what an online bank would do, the only difference is that banks are a centralized degenerate and corrupt entity and a blockchain is decentralized and pretty much not controlled by anyone.
No government can print more bitcoin to inflate the supply, no one can freeze your account because you decided it would be a good idea to buy something quite illegal. It's your bitcoin and you can do whatever you wish with it. (Personally I suggest cocaine and hookers).

So why is it called blockchain?
That's a very good question!
It's called blockchain because it's pretty much a chain of blocks. You see, blocks are chunks of transactions that are found by miners. Once miners find a valid chunk of transactions (and anyone can mine or look for them) it puts them in a block and send them to the 'database' node.
So the blockchain is this huge ledger or database that contains all transactions that existed and will ever exist from its creation.
So who holds this blockchain?
Everyone. You can have one, I can have one, everyone can have one! The more people host a blockchain node the more secure the blockchain gets. That's why it's decentralized and that's what makes it soooo special.
The nodes are responsible to check if every transaction follows the consesus rules. Only the transactions that follow the rules are added and kept on the chain.

Congratulations. You now know more about Bitcoin than you knew 4 minutes ago (I hope)!
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