What tokens are you following and think that actually have real use cases and will be here 5 years from now?
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Henry Sanchez: I'm holding some OMG, NXS and some STRAT Solid projects imo.
admin: I'm also holding some strat.
admin: yo
fantastik: some etc and monero, etc will grow a lot in the upcoming years
btcltcdigger: btc and some bch
Var: Honestly I haven't checked my portfolio since February. I don't even remember what I'm holding at thisp oint
Deimun Hailstrom : bitconeeeeeeeeccc
AmaZix: some litecoin, omg, and ripple
Var: eos
Like if you missed the RavenCoin train and feel bad about yourself
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Var: i cri everitiem
drunkcucumber: it's ok. I'm used to it
infofront: xrp next
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btcltcdigger: december
Alex: 2019
AmaZix: yesterday
admin: safe bet would be 2019
I love the fact that you can filter now the group. I think you've done an awesome job so far @admin. It's kinda sad there's not a lot of activity going on. Let's hope that changes soon ! #guidelines
btw I don't know where to post this , i guess a meta filter could be added
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Hunter: +1
admin: +1
admin: aww
this market is deader than Michael Jackson
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There goes another $100. Im tired of keep losing money day trading like an idiot!!!
Bitcoin support level continues to break and remains highly unpredictable. There are no takers for Bitcoin despite a huge fall from its peak 20,000$ to 3,400$. Maybe investors are moving money back to traditional safe-haven ‘gold’ or believe that blockchain “is no better than excel spreadsheet”.

The following article lays down reasons based on facts/ statistics AND NOT BASED ON someone’s opinion whom we call Z.E.B.R.A. (Zero Evidence But Really Arrogant).
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yhgkjyxh: hi
What do you guys think of litecoin?
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coinfoxs: solid coin I guess, what do I know
AmaZix: I'm holding some myself
admin: got about 5% holding, hoping for the best
drunkcucumber: solid coin
On this group and on the platform please keep the platform clean and don't post/advertise ICOs, links to airdrops and pretty much low quality shit.
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admin: T. Hanks.
Alex: makes sense.
Is it just me or it feels like the tides are slowly shifting?
who knows maybe Ill feel happiness again after these past 10 months
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admin: I better hope so
admin: This aged well.