Bitcoin support level continues to break and remains highly unpredictable. There are no takers for Bitcoin despite a huge fall from its peak 20,000$ to 3,400$. Maybe investors are moving money back to traditional safe-haven ‘gold’ or believe that blockchain “is no better than excel spreadsheet”.

The following article lays down reasons based on facts/ statistics AND NOT BASED ON someone’s opinion whom we call Z.E.B.R.A. (Zero Evidence But Really Arrogant).
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yhgkjyxh: hi
Today we remember those who bought the $20k ATH
Also looks a bit green so far. #trading
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admin: looks like a good day :>
Alex: fucking 90 minutes bull runs..
admin: I need more gifs.
admin: <- bug to fix: reply to reply line thingy is bugged
I found a really useful desktop app that I currently use to stay up to date with the btc prices.

If you're new to github just go to releases and download the archive.
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Looks like the market kinda stabilized at 3.3k. What do you guys think? Can this be the bottom? #trading
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admin: yeah, it can only go up or down from here
Fraser Burnett: of course
admin: already 5 hours in and this post aged well