I love the fact that you can filter now the group. I think you've done an awesome job so far @admin. It's kinda sad there's not a lot of activity going on. Let's hope that changes soon ! #guidelines
btw I don't know where to post this , i guess a meta filter could be added
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Hunter: +1
admin: +1
admin: aww
this market is deader than Michael Jackson
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There goes another $100. Im tired of keep losing money day trading like an idiot!!!
Bitcoin support level continues to break and remains highly unpredictable. There are no takers for Bitcoin despite a huge fall from its peak 20,000$ to 3,400$. Maybe investors are moving money back to traditional safe-haven ‘gold’ or believe that blockchain “is no better than excel spreadsheet”.

The following article lays down reasons based on facts/ statistics AND NOT BASED ON someone’s opinion whom we call Z.E.B.R.A. (Zero Evidence But Really Arrogant).
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yhgkjyxh: hi
Where were you when crypto kill?
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blockchain: lol
Honestly think 2019 will be a bull year. I'm already all in so I guess I'm biased..
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finally we break 3.6k
good stuff, who knows maybe this year will end on a more positive note
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poseidon: stratis & waves making me a very happy boi
Hunter: feels so good to have a green dildo )
I'll keep working on some new introduction tutorials for newbies.
If anyone has suggestions on how to simplify things even more to be accessible for everyone I'm open to suggestions. #announcements
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biggapp: nice

ETC and the 51% attack

What do you guys think about the ETC attack?
Are you /still holding etc?
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Bitconnect: I sold what I had yesterday and I don't plan on buying etc anytime soon
angel: The amount of hash power needed to execute a 51% attack on ETC is surprisingly small. It does not take much money to rent enough hash power to achieve this, especially when they are highly efficient ASICs
angel: I'm still holding my 50 etc but idk..
Bitconnect: I mean, how much lower can it go