enhancement request - global live chat for website, in an effort to discuss latest trends and crypto offerings
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admin: I'll see what I can do
if you find bugs please post them here
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It's difficult to read the names of friends in the friends section. Maybe the colour could be changed to red, like it is on posts etc? See screenshot for what I'm referring to.

p.s all that like spam doe.
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Dan: Hello!
admin: note to self to find a bug that blocks me from liking random replies to comments.
Dan: @admin you have too much power, your likes are pretty much the equivalent of super likes on Tinder!
admin: ofc
admin: fixed.
Dan: Good to hear! Now you can like ALL of my posts haha.
If you have suggestions n shit you can post them here. I'm always looking for new ways to improve the current state of the platform.
It's still long way from perfect and the process is slow asf since I'm working by myself but things will get better.
Thanks a lot.
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